Yasmine & Jonathan's Unforgettable Miami Engagement Session

Updated: May 18, 2019

Full names: Bride: Yasmine Morris 

Jonathan Gedeon 


Bride: Event Services Manager for Hilton corporate Groom: Correctional officer for Broward  County  Wedding Date: May 11th, 2019

Their Love Story

How did you two meet?

This is actually a funny story because this story sort of puts a little truth in the stereotype that millennials live on social media. So it’s back in December of 2015 I had just got out of a bad relationship and wasn’t really looking to meet anyone and my later to be fiancé was sort of in the same situation he had gotten out of a bad relationship and was just focused on himself and taking care of his daughter. I was scrolling through my Instagram one day when I passed by my fiancé’s profile at the time. His profile always stood out to me because he always liked my pictures every time I would post something new and I thought to myself he looks familiar I always see him in my notifications. Out of the blue one day I decided to direct message him aka slide in his DMs to say thank you for all the likes and love on social media and just chat. I think we already knew we would like each other because we always kept the conservation going with sweet flirty comments and of course we found each other attractive. My simple thank you message turned into what type of music do you like?, what do you like to do in your spare time, and what are you biggest dreams? We hit it off immediately and started texting everyday and FaceTiming every night until we decided to meet. We planned out our first date to the beach and out for pizza. We met at his house and clicked from the first second we spoke to each other, we always say our first date felt like we had already known each other for years because we never experienced any awkward or uncomfortable moments between each other. As you can tell our first date ended wonderfully with a face full of pizza and laughs. 

Tell us about the proposal?

My fiancé is in the navy and about a year into our relationship he was shipped off for basic training to Chicago for 2 months in December 2016, then he shipped off to South Carolina in February of 2017, and finally North Carolina in April 2017 only to return back home to Miami in June of 2017. When he was shipped off you could imagine how heart broken I was because for the past year I spent almost every day getting to know this amazing man who became my best friend as we did everything together and we had to be apart for about 7 months. When he finally returned home we decided to take a 5 day vacation to San Juan Puerto Rico to share some time together and catch up. After spending the first 3 days in Puerto Rico he asked me to go to dinner with him and his parents and we chose a cute little local restaurant that served authentic Latin food. While I was at dinner him and his parents had all eyes on me, which at first I didn’t pay any attention to until my fiancé kept leaving the dinner table on and off for about 30 mins. As I finally finish my food my fiancé offers to get up and pay the bill, a few mins go by and he returns to the table with a waiter and a large dessert I didn’t order. So I turned to the waiter and said this must be a mistake we didn’t order dessert to which my fiancé turned to me grabbed my hand and was down on one knee waiting to ask me the greatest question of my life. I think you can guess my answer by where we are now!

How was your experience during your session?

Our engagement session was extremely hot because we chose to take pictures in the middle of August in Miami. But actually we had a ball! It was very fun and enjoyable, we got a chance to take some beautiful photos that took us on a trip down memory lane and reminded us why we fell in love with each other. Reem was a great photographer who made us feel comfortable and gave great direction between shots. We had a few laughs in between each take and by the end of the session we felt like full models, we had such a wonderful time

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for the session?

I would say make sure you plan ahead, bring a change of clothes, a towel, water, and things to touch up your hair outfits or make up. It’s better to plan ahead for any mishaps during your shoot. Act natural, try not to be nervous, enjoy your time in front of the camera with your significant other, and of course relax and let your personality shine through. 

Tell us about the location? Why did you choose it? 

Well we chose the Vizcaya museum and gardens for our photos. This location is a historic estate and botanical garden that was turned into a museum. We chose this location because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you in this garden. This location is like Miami’s little secret treasure and I think the scenery makes it hard not to be happy and in love as you walk through the property. 

Were there any funny or memorable moments during your engagement session?

The whole session was actually memorable and a blast. But during the first few takes of our session me and my fiancé got into a dance battle trying to figure out who could do the back pack dance better. I (the bride) lost but it was all fun and games. During many of our takes my fiancé decided to whisper a few funny words in my ear making an epic smile happen each take

How has the wedding planning been thus far?

Our wedding is about 8 months away and thus far it has been a bit stressful but exciting over all. We find ourselves really busy thinking of a new idea for the wedding every day and trying to remember all the things we need to get done. Constantly consulting and trying to envision our big day and every detail. 


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