The Best Night of My Life

A little backstory before I get to the best night of my life: It was a few months before her birthday party. I pulled up to my (former) accounting job one morning, looked up in the sky, and said "it's time." There was no point in waiting any longer. I texted her best friend Franchesca immediately! And from then on, the ring shopping began!

Fast forward to the night. Sandy's Coming to America 30th Birthday Celebration. The party began with a bit of mingling among our dear friends and family. There was amazing step show performance from my brothers of the Upsilon Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a spectacular dance showcase, and to seal the deal, a heartfelt poem from my talented fraternity brother Bradley Noel.

I got chills even as I typed this blog, everything all led to this one night. Her little jokes about the rings she liked, our arguments, our amazing moments together, our laughs, our cries, all led to this moment. With Bradley ending his poem in a way that led to me grabbing the mic, all the nervousness and butterflies went right out of the nearest window. I can truly say that I had 100% confidence at the moment. Nothing else mattered. It was just me, and her...and a pretty nice looking ring. Some people even said that she reached her hand out before I even got on one knee! I guess all of her nervousness (she starts to bite her lip when she's nervous, she abruptly stopped) flew out of that same window! That night I made the best decision of my life, and It was a blessing to celebrate the night with loved ones.

Cheers to the best night of my life.


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