Securing the Bag. Amazing Fort Lauderdale Engagement Session with Rubenson & Renay.

Full names: Renay Smith and Rubenson Michel

Occupations: Nurse Practitioner and Social Worker

From Co-Workers to Soulmates

We met in a job interview. Renay was part of the hiring panel who hired Rubenson. We worked together for 1 1/2 years, with Renay as his boss. Renay then moved on to pursue a different career direction. We never stayed on contact, until one day they ran into each other again, exchanged numbers and the courtship began.

The Proposal

Renay has always expressed to me how she wanted to be proposed to. She always envisioned her friends and family  being there, me on the other hand always envisioned a proposal as a intimate moment. In my head I always seen just the two of us somewhere alone. On Saturday August 11,2018 I knew this would be the one shot I had in getting all of her friend and family in one place.  I decided to plan the proposal at Cinebistro which was the location of our first date 3 years prior. On Saturday August 11, 2018 on a stormy raining day, I  decided to take Renay to see Mission Impossible: Fallout  viewing at 2:30pm. Renay thought it was quite odd that we were going to watch  a movie midday, but went along with it anyway.  We almost did not make it to the movie on time due to wardrobe change, Renay decided that she wanted to go buy a new outfit before the movie. In my head, I was saying, OMG we are not going to make it. Luckily for Mother Nature and a 1 hour delay due to power outage we made it on time before the movie started. During the movie, I needed a couple of drinks to calm my nerves because I was so nervous.  Worrying  if everyone would make it on time due to the weather, but it all worked out due to the movie being delayed.  After the movie, we stayed seated in the theatre,  and I began to give her the speech.  As we walked out into the lobby, and made the corner, it felt like a walk down the Red carpet of the Oscars, strangers stopped in time to see what was going on.  Both my and Renay's entire friends and families was waiting in the lobby with balloons and a "WILL YOU MARRY ME" sign. I then got down on one knee and pulled the ring out and asked "WILL YOU MARRY ME". With crowd screaming say "Yes" and the tears of joy running down her face, she said yes, and my heart felt content and home.

The Photography Experience

The experience during the photo-shoot was amazing. Kareem made the session so stress free and fun. Rubenson and I love to have fun and we were able to just be ourselves during the shoot.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for the session? 

Think about the memory you are trying to create. Think outside the box and don't be afraid of bringing props that represent you and your fiancé. Come to the session energized and ready to have fun and the time of your life with your love, because this is another memory to look back at and smile. 

Preparing for the Big Day

The wedding planning for us so far has been a lot of fun and pure excitement. The minute he proposed, I already started collecting ideas and pictures of what our BIG DAY should look like. We set timelines and have scheduled weekly wedding session update. Also, working with our wedding planner has been great experience and he has made wedding planning not as stressful as we thought it would be. Advice we would give to couples, is to know what you want, express it and don't settle for less. This is your moment and you should be happy in your moment.


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