Reggie & Sophie's Serene Engagement Session in Delray Beach, Florida

Updated: May 21, 2019

Full names:

Sophonie Jeangilles & Reggie Ulysse


Sophie- Compliance Analyst | Reggie- Analytical Scientist

A Strong Foundation

We knew each other since high school at church, so we were always friends. We both started going to FAU for college then after sometime not only did I (Reggie) find her attractive but we had very compatible senses of humor, similar life goals but most importantly I realized she had true character and a heart for God. 

She Said Yes!

06.23.2019 in the morning I picked her up and we did a private helicopter tour of Miami. Afterwards I told her I’d take her to lunch but first I needed something at my house. Little did she know, I had our friends and family setup at a park for the proposal. We pulled up (I didn’t blind fold her for dramatic effect lol) and walked up to the setup. There I got a knee and before I could finish the question she said “Yes!” We took many pictures and enjoyed the moment then we all went for lunch to celebrate.

A Fly on the Wall

Our experience during the session was great! We’ve never done a photo shoot together but after 2 minutes in front of the camera we felt like professionals. Reem’s was very instructional yet organic. It never felt like we were being told what to do, instead it was like he was just a fly on the wall in our little world. Reem was also very flexible and accommodating to us during our shoot. 

Preparation is Key!

Before your session, research the sites rules as far as photo shoots and wardrobe changes etc. also bring a little towel if you’re going to have an outdoor shoot and ladies use your setting spray.

The Ups and Downs

Wedding planning has been an overall good experience. There are the ups and downs, the victories and frustrations, but overall teaming up to make such an event happen has been a great exercise for our relationship. Our advice to all the couples out there is understand that wedding planning is a team sport. Fellas don’t leave everything to the ladies and ladies don’t be afraid to lean on your bridesmaids/family members. Also don’t underestimate your expenses. Write everything down! Budget together and stick to your budget. 


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