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When one says "she makes pregnancy look good!", this is what they meant! Nancie and Alex had one of the most enjoyable maternity sessions I've ever had the privilege of documenting. As far as attire, they wanted to go with a fun casual look as well as an elegant, classy style. Knowing each other since childhood, Nancie and Alex's longtime relationship showed flawlessly from scene to scene. Check out their story below!

Names: Alex Lubin & Claire Nancie Lubin

Occupation: Alex; works in Finances and does Beat Production, Nancie: Registered Nurse

Projected due date: August 17, 2018

Their Story

How did you two meet? Alex and Nancie were childhood friends, in middle school Alex played pop warner football for the Titans and Nancie was a cheerleader for the same team. Although young that's when their interest for each other sparked, but it wasn't until the summer of their sophomore year in high school on June 2, 2007 they made it official. The two dated all throughout high school and of course were high school sweet hearts. When it came time to go to college, Alex attended Jacksonville University and Nancie attended Florida Atlantic University and Nova Southeastern University, though the distance was rough their love for one another only grew stronger. Fast forward in time, Alex proposed to Nancie on December 16, 2016 and the two got married 9 months later on September 2, 2018.

Pregnancy Journey: Alex and Nancie found out they were expecting on December 6, 2017 and the two were very excited as they always spoke about having kids growing up. The gender of their baby was revealed to them on April 8, 2018 at their gender reveal party. Alex wanted a boy and Nancie wanted a girl, but Alex got his wish. This pregnancy journey so far has been "nothing short of amazing" as Nancie describes it. Nancie never experienced morning sickness throughout this journey as most expecting mothers do, and Alex has always been extremely supportive during the journey as well making sure Nancie's every need was met.

Funny/Memorable moment during maternity session: A funny moment during the maternity session the couple recalls is Alex fanning the train of Nancie's dress so it could float in the air.

Props during maternity shoot: Alex and Nancie decided not to use any props during their maternity session, they didn't want to take attention away from Nancie's belly.

Advice for soon to be mothers: My advice for soon to be mothers is, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and 9 months come sooner then you think so enjoy the journey. Don't get worked up over your clothes no longer fitting you due to the weight gain, if you can workout during the process do so but take it easy, and if you can't don't stress it! Your body is suppose to change. Lastly, don't forget you didn't get pregnant on your own so include your spouse or partner as much as you can, he'll enjoy the journey just the same as you.

Maternity shoot location: The couple choose their location based on Kareem's recommendation and they are happy they did!

Theme for shoot: For the first outfit, the couple wanted to keep the same theme they had for their baby shower and baby room which is a nautical sailor theme so they wanted to keep the same concept, hence the reason they wore red and blue. For the second outfit the couple wanted to wear something laid back, so they got customized shirts that explained their love story from Kreative Obsession. Alex's shirt read "Boyfriend, fiancé, husband, Ol' boy" (which means dad in slang) and Nancie's shirt read "Girlfriend, fiancé, wife, Ol' girl" (which means mom in slang).


MUA: Faces of Royalty

Dress: DD Fairy Shop


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