Imani & Mike's Parkland Country Club Engagement Session

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Michael and Imani have known each other for years, but they never seemed to engage in a relationship. Michael admits that he always had his eyes on Imani, but it never seemed to manifest. In April, 2016 his consistency paid off, as Imani finally gave Michael that chance he always wanted. They began to date on May 30, 2016 and they were inseparable from that day. 

Michael really showed Imani his worth when her mom got sick. He never left her side, he was always physically there and always had a open ear. He also made a connection with Imani’s son over their time dating that pulled at Imani’s heartstrings and made her feel that Michael could be special. The feeling was mutual as Michael also felt as though Imani was special. She always pushed Michael to be the best he could be and always supported his dreams. Michael also loved that she respected herself as lady, is a great mother, has morals, and loves him as if she knew him all his life.

On July 8, Michael and Imani took their annual vacation and this year ventured to Alaska. On July 10, 2018 while hiking in Juneau, Alaska Michael got down on one knee and asked for Imani’s hand in marriage. Now they’re beyond excited to begin this new journey together as husband and wife!

Parkland Country Club Engagement Photos

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