Homley + Brittany | Amazing Ancient Spanish Monastery Engagement Session

Updated: May 16, 2019

Bride: Brittany Blackshire, 23, Lead Teller at Wells Fargo 

Groom: Homley Apollon, 24, Videographer

Wedding Date & Location: September 20th, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Their Love Story

How did you two meet? 

It all beginning back in 2013 when Off the Wall Trampoline Fun Center was just built. Brittany just graduated high school and Homley was going into his senior year and it just so happened we both applied for the same job and luckily we both were hired.  During the training process Homley couldn’t keep his eyes off of Brittany however, she was so oblivious too it until one of his friends finally mentioned to her that he was interested.  Originally, she blew it off as if it was nothing but then really got to know him throughout her time at Off the Wall and eventually we fell in love with each other! 

Tell us about the proposal:

Homley knew it was time to make it official but couldn’t figure out a way to do it without Brittany finding out. On a Tuesday night Homley spoke to his pastor about some different ways that he could put this together and he gave him an idea that he couldn’t forget. Friday night September 14th 2018 it all went down! Brittany was out and about with a friend thinking she was going to record a film and she had know idea that her friend was in on the whole plan! The red carpet was set, family and friends were all there and Homley waited at the end of the aisle pacing back and fourth, and sweating profusely. In that moment those few minutes waiting for Brittany to walk through the door felt like hours.  After 15 minutes straight of my palms sweating she finally walks through the door and was shocked!   As she was walking down the aisle a video was playing expressing the love I’ve developed for her throughout our five year journey.  Once she made it to the end I popped the question, “Brittany will you Merry me?” and Of course she said “Yes!”


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