Deborah & Kevin's Anniversary Session that'll Brighten up your Day

Full names: Deborah and Kevin Richelieu

Occupations: Deb - Program Coordinator at non-profit organization Kev-Music and Young Adults Pastor at Christian Life Center

The Love Story

We met in the 9th grade at Deerfield Beach High School. Deb had a big crush on Kevin, but was not allowed to date (strict Haitian parents haha). But we talked on the phone and had the same group of friends. When Kevin was ready to verbalize his feelings, Deb brushed him off as if she didn't like him anymore. Fast forward in our freshman year of college, Kevin was growing annoyed that Deb's nonchalant attitude toward him was never resolved. One night in the parking lot of a laundry mat (I know so romantic), Deb finally expressed her affection for Kevin. Shocked and speechless, he left the parking lot and drove home confused. Kevin shared the same feelings and expressed that to Deb a few months later, then asked her dad for permission to date her. 3 years later at Deb's college graduation, Kev proposed on on knee and Deb screamed yes!!

What's Holding you Back?

Kevin was doing a study abroad program in Jerusalem, Israel. He had a long talk with one of his professor's. The professor asked a good question: "What is holding you back?" Kevin bought the ring and hid it for 6 months with a trusted friend before popping the big question.

How long have you been married?

7 amazing years!

Tips on Keeping your Marriage Healthy

Deb - I think the honesty and the openness we have with one another. We do not have any secrets, we constantly share what is on our minds and hearts, whether early in the morning eating breakfast or late at night laughing in bed. We also have a spiritual connection, we pray together, we pray for one another. I believe in the call and purpose in Kevin's life and I try to affirm that as much as possible.

Advice to Couples

Kevin- Every couples needs a vision for their relationship or their marriage. Deb- I agree your marriage has purpose, there is a reason God allowed your two paths to cross. Find out what that purpose is in order to impact not only each other, but the lives of other around you. Last thing, deal with your personal issues or baggage in premarital or early in your marriage. It helps the relationship when both individuals are self aware and healed. There is a future generation depending on this.


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