Adaria + Anwar | Sensational Rooftop New Jersey Engagement by Reem Photography

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Full names: Adaria Gordon & Anwar Battle

Occupations: Adaria is a customer service acquisition coordinator and Anwar is a press operator.

Love and Shrimps

"Anwar and I met through mutual friends. When he tried to "kick it to me I never even gave him the time of day. However, we did exchange numbers but i never answered for him. One day i made a post on Instagram saying how I was starving and wanted shrimps and ribs he commented on my post and 20 mins later he pulled up to grant my wish lol. I wasn't going to turn down food so i went. Haha. The rest is history from there."

Brace Yourselves for The Proposal

"Omg the proposal was so unexpected. My birthday was that Wednesday September 27th 2017 and that day i worked a 12 hour shift and when i got home i dragged him out for drinks. Ofcourse, he didn't want to go because it was late but i made him. So i kept asking "what did you get me?" He stated I'm going to take you to dinner this coming saturday to a restaurant in Brooklyn. Ok fast forward to saturday. I went to work that saturday and Anwar kept calling asking if i can leave early because he made dinner reservations. So i left work got home got dressed as he did the same. He told me he was going home because he forgot something and for me to be ready when he got back. Ofcourse i was NOT. Once we got in the car i noticed he was driving downtown instead of the turnpike and i was confused. So anyone that knows me knows i started to ask a million questions as to why this and why that. He said we were doubling dating with his friend and we were carpooling. So i noticed we stopped and parked and i said to him just call and tell him to come out. He said his friend has my birthday cake and i should come up to help thembring the things down. I said "in a restaurant?" I finally get out talking my usually stuff when he gets me upset. He's walking in front of me and the restaurant is nicely dimmed theres people eating and drinking. We then walk up some stairs and I'm starting to think to myself "what is going on?" He opens the doors and we walk in all i hear is "SURPRISE" because at this point i can't see anything. All the flashes were in my eyes lol. Low and behold it was all my friends and family. It was a surprise bday party. Fast forward its time to sing happy birthday. They start singing and Anwar is covering my eyes as i kept trying to pull them off. I hear everyone screaming and hollering so at this point i get up and see a cake, but then i read the cake and my face was priceless. It read "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" With the ring sitting in a ring box on top of the cake. I was so speechless that i just shook my head yes with my hand out. It was well thought out and beautiful."

The Engagement Session

My experience overall was memorable, exciting and a little stressful wrapped all into one. This is something for the books i swear.

Wedding Planning

"To be honest i am not gonna lie its been very stressful. I think I speak for most brides when I say this. There will be lots of laughs and lots of tears. Whether it be happy tears or stress tears (laughs)"

Advice for Couples

Definitely give yourself enough time to plan and execute your one special day. Also, the most important one is get a wedding planner because trust and believe you will forget the little things that no one thinks of.


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